A New Direction

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. You know how it is, life gets you busy! The past year has probably been the most intense and draining of my life. But I can’t complain, dreams have come true this year! Alhamdulillah.

‘There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs’. And take the stairs I did!

But now that I have made it through the year and survived I will be on here a lot more. I am making a few changes and I hope you all join me on this journey that I am extremely excited about. With a new name for my page “Doses of Noush’ and a new direction I hope to make this blog a lot more exciting for everyone. I will also be launching my YouTube Channel very soon so stay tuned!

I can’t wait to let you all into my world!



Trying to live the blogger life

Ever worn an outfit and thought ‘damn I look like a hijabi blogger today!’ That was me yesterday! I don’t even feel shame! LOL!

Over the past year, I have become a lot more adventurous in the way I dress and I am loving showing my personality through my clothes. It’s a lot of fun putting together outfits others would never piece together or may think is a bit ‘out there’.  Then there’s those days where you look super cute but theres no one to take a decent picture of your cuteness and how fabulous you look. Or the front camera of your phone just won’t co-operate to get that perfect selfie – You can see my daily struggles…

Anyway, I met up with my two best friends for lunch yesterday after far too long (I shall do a separate blog post about them on another occasion). You know your friends have your back when they agree with how cute your outfit is and are determined to help you get that perfect picture! (I love my girls!) While one snapped away on her SLR the other positioned me in different poses to best show off my outfit. Friendships like this are what you’d call #Goals.

Outfit Details:

Suede boots – New Look, Bag – Jasper Conran, Scarf – Accessorize, Hijab – Whitehapel Market, Jeans, Top and Jacket -H&M

N. Xoxo


Trying something new

I’ve been wearing hijab for about 6 months now and my style has changed a few times. I still can’t master it! I don’t look as good as all the beautiful girls walking down the road with the perfect hijab that the wind can’t even move. I can’t do it!  I’m still looking for my style… Any tips?

I tried this look yesterday…Thoughts?

I quite like it, and it is quite comfortable, I’m just not sure! Any sisters out there want to help me out?

Also! How should I tie my hair underneath? 

Any tips would be soooo great!

N. Xoxo

Birthday…Cake Cake Cake…

We all look forward to that one day every year, the day we build up in our heads to be perfect, only to be disappointed when it isn’t want we had hoped. Or maybe that’s just me, my whole life, I’ve always done exactly that! Man I’m such a princess!

This year was different, I didn’t want to celebrate and I didn’t want a fuss (I must be getting old). I spent my day at work and didn’t tell every person I came into contact with that it was my birthday, that’s being mature 💁🏻

I spent the evening with my family, no better way, trust me! Seeing my siblings, siblings in law and most importantly my parents for dinner was delightful! My sister went to a lot of trouble to cook us a lovely dinner bake a cake and put up decorations! 

  Table setting for dinner, it was so beautiful! Dinner setand glasses from House of Fraser, place mats from Dubai, flower centre pieces from Next. 
 Home made Paneer samosas with garlic and chilli sauce, these were just one of the many appetisers my sister made. 

Birthday cake baked by my siste, she’s creative – like me💁🏻
Balloons and banner to make me feel special- it worked. I love being the youngest!

6am selfie before work!  

  Ootd details: blouse from New Look, duster jacket from River Island, scarf from Dublin, hijab from Whitechapel, bracelet from Pandora, ring from H Sameul.   Boots from New Look, leggings from Zara. 

Bag from Accessorize, watch from Fossil. 

Fix Up, Look Sharp 💁🏻

Hi guys,

I’ve not blogged in absolutely ages! There’s so much going on right now, my life has majorly changed (for the better) Alhamdulillah!

I’m actually back at uni now, 5th year as a student… I know, I must be crazy! Although it’s a lot of work and I have no life, I’m actually enjoying it! 

Anyway my new route in life requires me to dress smart. I don’t know about you girls, but I do sometimes struggle to do this and make my hijab look good too!

Here’s a couple of my #ootd’s… 

  Outfit details: blouse-primark, scarf-market in Dublin (gift from my brother in law), blazer-Dorothy Perkins, trousers-Uniqlo, hijab-Whitechapel market (London), bracelet-Pandora

 Outfit details: trousers-Zara, blouse-primark, scarf-H&M, blazer-river island, hija-Whitechapel market, bag-Longchamp, phone case- Knomo London 

Any tips girls? I really need them!

N. Xoxo


Hello World! 

How are you all this amazing Friday afternoon? Hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as I am! Lucky enough to leave work early and relax for the rest of my day. Hoorah for a long weekend!

Having one of those days where I have a million and one thoughts, but can’t put a single one into words! How frustrating is that! 

Is it just me or do you guys ever get the feeling that you’ve waited forever for something and you just want change in life, and when it finally gets close, you think it’s too fast? I’m in this mind frame right now, maybe I’m nervous, maybe I’m excited. Any suggestions on how to deal with this bittersweet feeling would be much appcreciated. ☺️

Happy weekend all!

N. Xoxo

Tower Bridge 

My cousin from America has come to visit, and I have taken it upon myself to make her fall in love with London! This was the highlight of our day! 42 meters above the River Thames is this amazing glass walkway. One of the most famous bridges in the world, just got that little bit more amazing. A glass walkway has resently been installed. For thrill seeking, adreniline junkies, this is the perfect way to see the city of London from a height!  I was lucky enough to see the bridge open from above! Unfortunately, as it was so crowded, I couldn’t get any pictures!           This felt pretty amazing! I’m incredibly scared of heights, so this was a true achievement! 

N. Xoxo

South of the River

Summer is amazing in any part of the world, but in London it is somethingn else. London is a beauty at any time of year, and even more so in the summer. The river glistens and the glass buildings gleam, the streets are crowded, with slush and icecream being sold at every corner. 

With so much going on there is no better place to be than by the river bank. There is so much to do! If ever in London, one must take a walk down the southbank of the river, you will not be disappointed! 

I recently walked along the south bank from Waterloo Bridge all the way down to Tower Bridge, it was so divine!  

 Looking West from Waterloo Bridge, looking out to Big Ben Andre London Eye. 

  Looking East from Waterloo Bridge show a mix of the old and new London. The Shard, Walkie Talkie, Cheese Grater and Saint Paul’s Cathederal to name only a few!

    I found this to be so amazing and spent ages looking at books! This second hand book stall is on the river bank, selling pretty much every book from my childhood! From Paddington Bear to all the Narnia book, there wasn’t a title that would take you back to your childhood!
 Even though I live in London, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen the bridge open. This was the perfect end to a beautiful day by the river. Tourists come just to see this, and I’m lucky enough to see it more than just once!

 Looking West from Tower Bridge while the sun was beginning to set. 

Hope you all get to experience the beauty of this city one day

N. Xoxo

Sweet Treat for Iftar

It may just be me and my family, but we think we can eat everything on our empty stomachs. In actual fact, although we eat a lot, we overestimate ourselves by miles!

Today I wanted cheesecake, so that’s what we will be having. 


What I love most about Ramadan is how it brings the family closer together. We don’t usually all get in the kitchen and prepare food (and actually enjoy it) but this was a really fun experience. 

I’ve made a beautiful Nutella cheesecake with chunks of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, finished off with orange chocolate shavings! 


N. Xoxo 

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