July 2017

In the end…

I’m dealing with something now that at times brings me so low down I don’t think I’ll ever get back up. 

I’m finding it hard to understand why people are the way they are. Why do people lie? Why are people so quick to blame others? Why can’t people admit to their own errors? Why are people so two-faced? Why are they so FAKE?!?!

I hold my hands up, I’m human, I make mistakes. I’m the first to admit I can make bad choices and not think before I act.

This same issue has been playing on and off in my mind for a while. Most of the time I’m quite good at dealing with it. I keep telling myself I know the truth and I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t need to tell people to make it true. I know and that is enough!

Be true to who you are, always. 

N. Xoxo


Forgive & Forget?

I came across this on Instagram tonight after having an incredibly difficult day dealing with my emotions.

At some point in our lives I’m sure each and every one of us has been so hurt by a situation that you don’t want to let go of the anger. I’m trying incredibly hard to let go of certain situations, but it is much easier said than done!

Many years ago I realised just how draining being angry can be and it helped me let go of a lot of things. Lately, I am finding that it’s hard to let go of hurt caused by those you thought would never hurt you. 

What are your thoughts on forgiveness and moving on? Help!

N. Xoxo 

Hijab and fashion

For weeks I’d been looking forward to a fancy meal at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. My main reason for this excitement was the fact that I would have a chance to dress up! And what girl doesn’t love that?I went for a simple but classy choice of outfits. Mainly black and white with pop of colour from my handbag, which matched my earrings and nails – I was really quite proud of this!Outfit details: dress from Miss Selfridge, with a Primark basic black top underneath. Leggings from primark. Beautiful suede effect shoes from ASOS. Bag is Carvella, Kurt Geiger, gold Casio watch and sunglasses from Boots Opticians. Earnings and rings from Accessorize. Nails are BarryM Gelly Hi-shine in Colour Guava. 

I wanted to wear my hijab in a simple yet stylish fashion whilst being able to maintain a modest and classy look. I went to a quick and easy turban rap that allowed me to hold onto the simplicity of my outfit making sure my bag was the main feature. I reckon this hijab style may become on of my favourites! 

What are your thoughts on this look? N. Xoxo

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