June 2015

Sweet Treat for Iftar

It may just be me and my family, but we think we can eat everything on our empty stomachs. In actual fact, although we eat a lot, we overestimate ourselves by miles!

Today I wanted cheesecake, so that’s what we will be having. 


What I love most about Ramadan is how it brings the family closer together. We don’t usually all get in the kitchen and prepare food (and actually enjoy it) but this was a really fun experience. 

I’ve made a beautiful Nutella cheesecake with chunks of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, finished off with orange chocolate shavings! 


N. Xoxo 


The Hijabi Life

Today is day 9 of ramadan, and also day 9 of me wearing the hijab. It’s really strange, but I feel like I’ve been wearing it my whole life, I can not imagine myself without it now. It truly is a part of me now.

I feel as if it protects me, like I have a forcefield around me- I’m a superhero! LOL!

Although mostly my experiences have been good, and no one has actually said anything against it, I do feel people looking at times. Is it just me or do people sometimes avoid sitting next you on public transport? It may be being paranoid, but hey, more space for me! (hehe)

N. Xoxo

Bad Hijab Day

Right, so all my life I’ve had the odd bad hair day, where it’s too flat or too frizzy! I thought my hijab would save me from the hassles of a bad hair day… How wrong I was!

Today I’m experiencing a bad hijab day, does anyone else agree, this is a million times worse! I spent half an hour trying to get my hijab to agree with me, missed two buses and was 20 minutes late for work 🙈.

In my head, this hijab is perfect for today’s outfit. 

A black and white printed hijab with a bright red/orange blouse from h&m.

Any tips girls? How do I tackle a bad hijab day and Don the printed hijab? HELP!!!

N. Xoxo

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak to you all! Hope you all had a good first fast, and made the most of it. I know I did! 

I wore the hijab for the first time today! I was so nervous, worried about how people would react or if it would be accepted at work. I am the only Muslim in my office, so I was very wary of how everyone would take it. I’ve prayed for months that when this day finally came that Allah makes it easy for me, and Alhamdulillah he did. I felt a real support from my colleagues, and many had so many questions. They were curious about Islam and loved learning about it, I can already feel the rewards of my actions.  


As for the fasting, it wasn’t so difficult either. I felt really cold throughout the day though, likely the lack of food. I am one of those people that eat continuously while I’m at work. I had to give all my sweets away this morning, since I won’t be able to eat them! 

We had an amazing family Iftar this evening! What a feast it was! I am so stuffed, but I want to go back for more food haha! 

Hope all your fasts went well, InshaAllah.

N. Xoxo

A True Brit!

Yesterday was a beautifully hot day in London, and what better way to spend it then out of the office enjoying the sun. I had a much needed day off work and enjoyed as much food as I possibly could before the fasting begins! ☺️

What could be more enjoyable than laying in the park for hours on end? And there’s no better place to go than the beautiful Primrose Hill. Located in Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill is a true treasure to London, with an amazing view and peaceful atmosphere.

The view of the London cityscape has got me hooked to this spot! I’ve been going to Primrose Hill for years and I still can’t get over the beauty of this city!

Being a typical Brit, any spot of sunshine has me excited! And after basking in the sun, what could be more British than afternoon tea at one of London’s 5* Hotels? But this isn’t an average afternoon tea, this is perfect for the sweet tooths and for all those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans out there. 

This truly took me back to my childhood, I can not explain the level of excitement I felt! Starting off with the usual tea and sandwiches this felt like the traditional afternoon tea. But then came the really exciting part! From golden chocolate eggs filled with cheesecake to candyfloss, milk chocolate cake pops to Eden mess, this tea had it all!  

I felt like a little child being naughty eating all these sweet treats! Now to work off all those calories! 

N. Xoxo

A New Chapter

Hello World! 

As some of you may know Ramadan begins this week! For those who don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s a month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset each day. It’s my favourite time of year! 

But this year is extra special for me, as I will begin wearing the hijab from the start of Ramadan. I have been preparing for this for the past six months and am super excited. I’ve been shopping for hijabs and think I have a pretty good starting selection!  

And I’m super organised so I can see all my colours hehe!

Although I’m excited about taking this next step and chowing commitment to my religion, I am also really scared. I don’t know how people will react to it, if they will see me differently or make assumptions. 
I plan to blog about my experiences, the good, the bad and the beautiful. 

N. Xoxo

Hello world!

Hi all and welcome to my blog! Some of you may know me from Instagram @NailsByNoush. I’m super excited to finally get round to starting my own blog as I’ve been planning to do it for ages but something has always come up (LOL!).

I have so many plans for this page and all the things I want to share with you all, from nails to clothes to days out. Over time I hope that you guys can get to know the type of person I am and what I am all about. 

I am new to the blogging world so please be patient with me as I get to grips with it and pretty my page, hehe.

N. Xoxo

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