Ramadan Mubarak <3

Ramadan Mubarak to all!

InshaAllah this month is a chance for us all to gain a stronger connection with our Lord and to establish a better understanding of our faith.

N. Xoxo



Sometimes the best way to respond to someone’s negativity and badmouthing is with silence.

At times it is very hard to not say anything when all you want to do is scream. Do not involve yourself in other peoples gossip or backbite.

Speak the truth and nothing can hurt you. Be true. Be honest. Be loyal to yourself.

N. Xoxo

Good Vibes Only!

‘You attract the energy that you give off’

Always do your best to stay happy regardless of the negatives that may be in your life. It is up to you how much negatives can effect your mood and your soul. Focus on the good and let go of the bad!

A reminder to myself before anyone else.

N. Xoxo

“Be a teacher…”

“Be a teacher. 

Please, please, please be a teacher. 

Teachers are the most admirable and

important people in the world. 

You don’t have to do it forever,

But if you’re in doubt about what to do,

Be an amazing teacher. 

Even if you’re not a teacher,

Be a teacher!”

– Tim Michin
Being a teacher myself, I realised just how important my job really is. The impact a teacher has on a students life is more than getting them to pass exams. Being a teacher is so much more, it is about life lessons, coaching, being a role model and most importantly inspiring!

N. Xoxo

Have faith…

‘I fell until I could fall no more. But when my head touched the ground, He raised me up like I’ve never been raised before.’


When you feel at your lowest, know that the only way to go is up. Always have faith, there’s a bigger plan for you than what you have planned for yourself. 

N. Xoxo


People say home is where you feel safest and warmest. To most of us that is a person or people we love most. Missing those we love most is one of the most difficult things one can deal with. 

The horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach caused by loneliness is surely the worst thing in the world.
N. Xoxo

Words to live by

“Show forgiveness,

Enjoin kindness,

Avoid ignorance.”

[Surah Al Araf 7:199]

In the end…

I’m dealing with something now that at times brings me so low down I don’t think I’ll ever get back up. 

I’m finding it hard to understand why people are the way they are. Why do people lie? Why are people so quick to blame others? Why can’t people admit to their own errors? Why are people so two-faced? Why are they so FAKE?!?!

I hold my hands up, I’m human, I make mistakes. I’m the first to admit I can make bad choices and not think before I act.

This same issue has been playing on and off in my mind for a while. Most of the time I’m quite good at dealing with it. I keep telling myself I know the truth and I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t need to tell people to make it true. I know and that is enough!

Be true to who you are, always. 

N. Xoxo

Forgive & Forget?

I came across this on Instagram tonight after having an incredibly difficult day dealing with my emotions.

At some point in our lives I’m sure each and every one of us has been so hurt by a situation that you don’t want to let go of the anger. I’m trying incredibly hard to let go of certain situations, but it is much easier said than done!

Many years ago I realised just how draining being angry can be and it helped me let go of a lot of things. Lately, I am finding that it’s hard to let go of hurt caused by those you thought would never hurt you. 

What are your thoughts on forgiveness and moving on? Help!

N. Xoxo 

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